Friday, July 2, 2004

Earthbound Farm (Organic) Classic

Ed Steffani Memorial Hellyer Park Velodrome, San Jose, California

Featuring the Winning Wheels Madison

Sponsored by Winning Wheels Bicycle Shop, Pacific Grove, California

Presented by Winning Wheels Racing Team & Pedali Alpini Inc

Thank You to our sponsor, Hector Chavez of Winning Wheels Bicycle Shop in Pacific Grove, California

2004 Results

Winning Wheels Madison Team Race
Northern California District Madison Championship
1. GOLD Giovanni Rey & Bobby Walthour Team Walthour
2. SILVER Bob Muzzy & Matt Young Morgan Stanley / Sycip Racing
3. BRONZE Tinga Turner & Horace McFarland R.H.Villa
4. Josh Kadis & Erik Sperling Lombardi Sports / Club One PMax
5. Matt Tamel & Nate Shaw Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
6. Richard Brockie & Marc Franklin Freemont Freewheelers / Alto Velo
DNF Vance Sprock & Steven Woo Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

Elite 123P Omnium
1. Bobby Walthour Team Walthour
2. Horace McFarland R.H. Villa
3. Gen Kogure Richey Organic Athlete
4. Giovanni Rey Team Walthour
5. Matt Young Sycip Racing
6. Tinga Turner R.H. Villa
7. Randy True Alto Velo
8. Bob Muzzy Morgan Stanley
9. Jessie Mendoca Alto Velo
10. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo
11T.Josh Kadis Lombardi Sports/Klein
11T. Erik Sperling Club One/ PMax
13. Nate Shaw Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
14. Matt Tamel Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
15. Dave Wierzba Red Edge
14T. Richard Brockie Freemont Freewheelers
14T. Marc Franklin Alto Velo
14T Alden Tanaka Velo Europa
15. Dean Haraguchi Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists

Elite Women Omnium
1. Amanda Aaronson Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
2. Mary Beth Novak Berkeley
3. Julie Adams Palo Alto Bicycle Women
4. Jill Gianettoni Alto Velo

Masters 35+ Omnium
1. Tom Fahey Alto Velo
2. Vance Sprock Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
3. Dave Wierzba Red Edge
4. Peter Allen United States Postal Service Masters
5. Charles Pockel-Wilson Morgan Stanley
6. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo
7. Robert Gaske Team Walthour
8. Scott Rodamaker Alto Velo
9. Grant Foster Viseka

Invitational Match Sprint Heat 1
Dean Haraguchi d. Mark Rodamaker

Women 10 Lap Scratch Race
1. Aaronson
2. Novak
3. Adams
4. Gianettoni

Masters Two Mile Scratch Race
1. Fahey
2. Sprock
3. Wierzba
4. M. Rodamaker
5. Foster

Invitational Match Sprint Heat 2
Rodamaker d. Haraguchi

Women Chariot Race
1. Novak
2. Gianettoni
3. Adams
4. Aaronson

1/2/3/P Sprint Heat Final
1. Walthour
2. McFarland
3. True
4. M. Rodamaker
5. Mendoca
6. Shaw

Invitational Sprint Final
Haraguchi d. Rodamaker

Masters Point –A-Lap
1. Fahey
2. Wierzba
3. Pockel-Wilson
4. Ganke
5. S. Rodamaker

Women Win & Out
1. Adams
2. Aaronson
3. Novak

1/2/3/P Miss & Out
1. Kogure
2. McFarland
3. Young
4. Turner
5. True

Masters 20 Lap points Race
1. Sprock
2. Allen
3. Wierzba
4. Pockel-Wilson
5. M. Rodamaker

Women Points Race
1. Aaronson

1/2/3/P Points Race – Non Madison Riders
1. Kogure
2. True
3. Mendonca
4. Wierzba
5. Tanaka

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