Friday July 8, 2005

Burbank Memorial Omnium & Northern California Madison Championships

Ed Steffani Memorial Hellyer Park Velodrome, San Jose, California

Presented by Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists and Pedali Alpini Inc.

2005 Results

Northern California Madison Championships
GOLD Lawrence Nolan & Manuel Rodriguez
SILVER Michael Matthews & Rob Evans
BRONZE Giovanni Rey & Mark Altamirano
4th John C. Simmons & Keyln Akuna
5th Grant Foster & Andrew Nevitt
6th Donald Langley & Eric Gray
7th Douglas Northcott & Rick Adams
8th Pritpal Singh & Eugene Beyer
9th Matthew Martinez & Matthew Tamel

P/1/2/3 Omnium
1. Rob Evans Village Peddler
2. Larry Nolan Discovery AMD Masters
3. Manny Rodriguez Cal Cycling
4. Giovanni Rey Velo Europa
5. Don Langley Morgan Stanley
6. Mike Matthews Village Peddler
7. Tim Granshaw Morgan Stanley
8. Kelyn Akuna Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
9. Scott King
10. Mark Altamirano Velo Europa
11. John Simmons Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists
12. Doug Northcott Team Taylor
13T. Grant Foster Kiwi
13T. Andrew Nevitt Kiwi
14. Eric Gray Shaw’s Garden City Cyclists

Masters Omnium
1. Pritpal Singh Fremont Freewheelers
2. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo/Webcor
3. Don Langley Morgan Stanley
4. Joe Fineman Penn State University
5. Harry Morton Central Valley Cycling
6. Rick Adams Alto Velo
7. Grant Foster Kiwi
8. Kelly Silverberg Lombardi
9. Andrew Nevitt Kiwi
10. Steve Woo Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

Women Omnium
1. Kim LaFleur Alto Velo
2. Kelly LaFleur Alto Velo

Juniors Omnium
1. Kelly LaFleur Alto Velo
2. Kim LaFleur Alto Velo

Exhibition Match Sprint
Ride 1 Giovanni Rey d. Dean Haraguchi

3 Lap Scratch Race Heat Winners
1. Northcott
2. Langley
1. Rodriguez
2. Evans
1. King
2. Fahey

Masters 10 Lap Scratch Race
1. Pritpal Singh Fremont Freewheelers
2. Mark Rodamaker Alto Velo/Webcor
3. Kelly Silberberg G.S. Lombardi
4. Andrew Nevitt Kiwi
5. Grant Foster Kiwi

Exhibition Match Sprint
Ride 2 Haraguchi d.Rey

1/2/3P Non-qualifiers Point A Lap
1. Tim Granshaw Morgan Stanley
2. Mike Matthews Village Peddler
3. Larry Nolan Discovery AMD Masters
4. Kelyn Akuna Shaw’s Garden City
5. Giovanni Rey Velo Europa

P/1/2/3 Sprint Final
1. Don Langley
2. Scott King
3. Rob Evans
4. Manny Rodriguez
5. Doug Northcott

Exhibition Match Sprint
Heat 3 Haraguchi d. Rey

Women & Masters Unknown Distance Race
1. Rodamaker
2. Adams
3. Singh
4. Foster
5. Silberberg

P/1/2/3 Points Race
1. Larry Nolan
2. Rob Evans
3. Tim Granshaw
4. Kelyn Akuna
5. Don Langley

Women & Masters Miss & Out
1. Don Langley
2. Pritpal Singh
3. Rick Adams
4. Mark Rodamaker
5. Andrew Nevitt

***Musical Chairs Race***
1. Mike Matthews
2. Kelly LaFleur ß wearing flip flops
3. Mark Altimarino ß wearing socks only
4T. Dean Haraguchi
4T. Matt Tamel ß barefoot!

P/1/2/3 Miss & Out
1. Evans
2. Rey
3. Granshaw
4. Akuna
5. Rodriguez

Women & Masters Handicap Race
1. Joe Fineman
2. Harry Morton
3. Don Langley
4. Grant Foster
5. Steve Woo
1. Kim LaFleur
2. Kelly LaFleur

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